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NABAA accomplishments have included:

Assisted Muslim businesses interested in participating in the 1988 Democratic Convention

Assisted the National Muslim Business Association distribute over 20  business video tapes/DVD’s taped from Conferences held in Atlanta and Washington D.C.  All tapes and DVD's were produced by Taqwa Productions, Inc.

Selected to be a member of the minority business consortium working with the Atlanta Committee for the 1996 Olympic Games (ACOG), to ensure minority business participation in the Games

Provided financial support to assist Atlanta Muslim business leader Lawrence Shamsid-deen establish the First Southern National Bank in the State of Georgia

Assisted the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam in acquiring its present shopping center location.

Sponsored an Atlanta metropolitan wide community EID in partnership with the Muslim Chamber of Commerce

Conducted over 100 workshops, breakfast, luncheons and dinner meetings in metropolitan Atlanta.  Guest speakers have included the President of the Atlanta City Council, top Muslim and non- Muslim business leaders in metropolitan Atlanta

Participated as a presenter at several National Muslim Conventions

Hosted one of the most financially successful C.P.C. (Collective Purchasing Conference) workshops in the country

Co-sponsored a reception at the Georgia State Capital for Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Participated in the formation of the Georgia Summit of African-American Business Organizations (GSAABO) to increase the involvement of minority businesses with the State of Georgia

Provided information to member business associates that allowed 16 Muslim business projects to be funded by the City of Atlanta’s small business programs

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