Waleed Shamsid-deen

Waleed Shamsid-Deen is President & CEO of Shamsid-Deen & Associates (SDA) a business management and consulting firm specializing in Government, Non Profit and Business Management Services.  Waleed has nearly two decades of business experience. READ MORE.. 

Marcus Sabir
Sr. Deputy President 

Marcus M. Sabir is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He is a graduate of Tennessee State University with a major in Business Administration.  Marcus has been a licensed Real Estate Agent for 18 years.



Nefertari Hazziez

Fashion designer Nefertari Halima Hazziez is one of her many titles. She is known for showing ingenuity, being creative, excellent, outstanding and passionate about her talents which shows through her designs. Nefertari is an innovator who exudes intelligence and elegance that builds confidence and good leadership skills which is captured through mothering her seven children, two grandchildren and helping others in the community. READ MORE...

Zakiyyah Shaheed

Iman & Associates, Ltd. has been providing financial accounting, auditing and income tax preparation services for the not-forprofit and for-profit business sectors, in addition to the Individual taxpayer since 1986. We also provide preparation of form 1026 Exempt Organization Application (501c3), complete payroll services, and business plan development.

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