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Nefertari Hazziez

Fashion designer Nefertari Halima Hazziez is one of her many titles. She is known for showing ingenuity, being creative, excellent, outstanding and passionate about her talents which shows through her designs. Nefertari is an innovator who exudes intelligence and elegance that builds confidence and good leadership skills which is captured through mothering her seven children, two grandchildren and helping others in the community. 

Nefertari is an artistic person who found it hard to find modest fashions a decade and a half ago. Since then Nefertari took action on her interest in Fashion by taking a detour at age 32 to becoming a fashion designer which came very natural for her. She is known for being productive and maintaining motivation and enthusiasm as she develops and maximizes the ideas of designs from concept to consumer. This is what makes her an exceptional Fashion Designer. 

Nefertari uses Queens’ Creations to cater to the needs of the Modest Woman from all walks of life with designs that create class, style, glamour, uniqueness, beauty and most of all freedom and confidence. Success has followed Nefertari; and being conscious, always willing to try new task and expanding her knowledge is how she has been described as an honor graduated from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta Georgia earning her Bachelors in Fine Arts degree in 2006. Suma Cum Laude is what her excellence earned her as well as placing her among the Who’s Who in American Colleges and receiving many other academic excellence awards. 

During the spring fashion show at Penn Valley Community College where she earned two previous de-grees in 2002 and 2004 she developed a collection that included creating the designs, making patterns, selecting fabrics, construction of the garment and developing the fashion presentation for her collection. The most outstanding awards from the judges were received; winning both the best garment award and best collection competition. The reflection of her creative fashions placed her as first runner up in a state wide competition with Fashion Group International of Kansas City. This award winning design was her first Pea-Cock dress that many grew to know as her signature piece. In 2008 Nefertari participated in the cast-ing for Project Runway where she designed yet another peacock dress that received great reviews which can be found in Volume 6 Issue 1 of Azizah Magazine. Most recently Nefertari had pieces from her bridal collection that can also be found in Azizah Magazine, Vol 7 Issue 4. Nefertari is Looking for every oppor-tunity as a Muslim designer and with that in mind her designs were part of the Mica Run Way show in New York in 2008 and in 2011and 2013 she had opportunity to try out to be a designer on Fashion Star as well as Charleston Fashion Week. Nefertari has also been a designer in Celebration Fashion show in Atlan-ta off and on during the time period of 2003 to 2015. Queens Creations has also grace the stage at the KC Natural Hair Expo Fashion Show in 2014 and 2015. Off the runway Nefertari has used her talents and experience with the Entertainment Industry working in wardrobe through Local 479 IATSE in Atlanta Georgia. 

Inspired by G-d’s will, Nefertari used her impeccable talents to develop her company Queens’ Creations as a vehicle to serve humanity. The inception of Queen’s Creations was February 2010 however the name and works have lived within many years prior. Excellence and Elegance is what Queens’ Creations repre-sent while promoting modesty as a beautiful thing inside and out. Nefertari is inexhaustible as she uses her entrepreneur spirit, communication and negotiation skills to build Queens’ Creations and along with fash-ion Nefertari has participated in different events having the opportunity to share the importance of Modesty and character develop in women and girls to bring positive social change. 

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