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Jamilah Jihad


Mrs. Jamilah A. Jihad, a native Atlantan, graduated from J.E. Brown High School, attended two years at Clark College (AUC) and graduated from Draunghs Medical College (Atlanta, Georgia), with a Medical Assistant Degree.  Mrs. Jihad is the devoted wife of Imam Siraj Wahhaj (Brooklyn, New York) a proud mother of six (6) children and grandmother of seven (13) grandchildren.  


Over the past twenty-five years, Mrs. Jihad has worked as a Project Developer for Profit and Non-Profit Organizations. Currently, Mrs. Jihad is the developer of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Productions, LLC., the Founder/CEO of The Halal Businesses, Inc., and she is the author of The Summer of '89 (Inspirational Novel).  Mrs. Jihad is the former Founder/President of the Islamic Crisis Emergency Response System known as ICERS.  ICERS assisted well over 200 families in the provision of crisis housing, food, and clothing.  In 2008, ICERS merged with SHARE Atlanta through which its work will be continued and advanced, In Sha Allah.  Mrs. Jihad developed a Virtual Office Company through which single and married mothers were able to work from home.  Mrs. Jihad was the Founder/President of the West End Summer Camp (Atlanta, GA), supported by the Children’s Task Force. Mrs. Jihad was Founder/President of Teens of Georgia Temp Services, Inc., a program in which the City of Atlanta and the Kellogg Foundation supported.  Teens of Georgia assisted in employment for 700 teenagers and 100 adults.  Mrs. Jihad received an award from the Kellogg Foundation for her outstanding effort leading this Program.  She’s also the developer of Ummie’s Place (a children clothing store) and of Lady In The Shoe, Inc (New York) and Muslims In Hip Hop, whose first show (2003) made history.  Mrs. Jihad played a leading role in a Drug & Crime Prevention Program for Children & Youth, Decatur, GA and developed a Job Readiness Program to assist juveniles in Fulton and Dekalb Counties. 


Mrs. Jihad goal is to help entrepreneurs and assist in structuring and restructuring their business.  

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